Cartes d’amor


la història més trista que us farà plorar

Cartes d’amor


Un recull de cartes amoroses que he dedicat a la meva altra meitat. Gràcies per formar part de la meva vida <3 I hope to fill this story up with many, many love letters to you across our journey together. I leave them here for all the world to see. A...

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6 mesos

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A la meva estimada parella,

Avui marca una fita enorme en la nostra relació. Avui se celebra el nostre aniversari de 6 mesos. Gràcies per donar-me els 6 millors mesos de la meva vida. En molts sentits, m’heu salvat d’una existència tan avorrida, solitària, desesperada. Encara recordo el dia que et vaig conèixer amb tanta claredat. Una bella visió que mai no podia oblidar. Parlar amb vosaltres aquell dia semblava tan surrealista i gairebé no podia creure que mai pogués cridar l’atenció d’algú tan perfectament meravellós. M’has donat una raó per somriure tots els dies des d’aquest preciós vespre de juliol. Al cap de mesos, al mes de novembre, vaig acabar amb el coratge de demanar-te que fos meu. <3 And you graciously accepted. And 6 months later here we are! Still as strong as we ever were....I know that true love exists now that I have met you and we have created this inseparable bond. If I ever had to wake up without having you in my life, I dont think that life would be quite as beautiful as it is now. When I wake up in the morning my mind is filled with the most wonderous 'I wonder how today will be? I wonder if it will be a beautiful sunny day?' but more importantly I think to myself 'I cant wait to speak to him'. You still manage to be that one thought in my mind that I just simply cant escape from....not that it would ever want to. I am still so proud to be your boyfriend and your partner in crime. I hope you will allow me to sing you love songs, buy you your favorite things, and, call you 'beautiful' each and every day until the end of time. You have done so much for me in such a short amount of time that it feels like we were meant to be. I know sometimes you dont believe in fate, but I know deep down in my heart that we were meant to be together...there is something within our relationship that has tied us together so intimately and so perfectly that it could never be broken. I think the most perfect thing about you is that you dont see how lovely that you are. You dont realize how funny, how sexy, how cute, how adorable, how smart, how creative, how brilliant and how incredible you really are. But thats okay...because I dont mind spending the rest of our lives telling you all of those things every single day. <3 In short I just have to say that I love you endlessly. Our love grows stronger and stronger by the day and I just have to say that I need you in my life and I promise to treasure you for the rest of our lives. <3 Thank you my angel. You truly are my saving grace. Happy Anniversary! And heres to many, many, many, many, many, many, many more! <3

el gat guerrer es mou

T'estimo sempre i per sempre,